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CBSE Affiliation No:1930875  


Lead Tomorrow


Soft Skill Training

Soft Skills are skills, abilities and traits that pertain to personality, attitude, and behavior but are not Formal or technical knowledge.Importance of soft skills are to handle interpersonal relations ,to take appropriate decisions ,to communicate effectively and to have good impression and impact to gain professional development. Based on the research findings obtained, seven soft skills have been identified and chosen to be implemented in our institution. They are Communicative skills ,thinking skills and Problem solving skills ,team work force ,life-long learning and Information Management ,entrepreneur skill ,ethics, moral and professionalism and leadership skills.

Languages Taught

Students will be provided opportunities to develop the ability to acquire the important skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrated manner. We attain a basic competence in the use of English and Hindi language. We develop and use specific vocabulary in different contexts. We develop an understanding of language as an instrument for basic interpersonal communication.


Herbal Garden

An herbal garden reflects the long-standing tradition of conserving and using plants products for health care and cooking. Our aim is to popularize the usefulness of commonly available and frequently used herbal plants and to conserve the associated traditional knowledge for future generations. Some 80% of the worlds people use herbs as the main form of medical plants from the Himalayas in the global herbal market. But while herbal plants are in demand, the traditions and culture associated with them are fading. Making an herbal garden is an opportunity to grow herbs for use, while spreading knowledge of their importance and traditional uses, and saving plants that are threatened.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We provide extra-curricular activities that take place outside of the CMC classroom, helping students develop their personalities and physical aptitude. CMC International School strongly believes that physical education is key to all aspects of a child's development. Students who show particular talent in these extracurricular activities will be provided with additional, intensive training under skilled coaches.


Leadership Programs

Some people think leadership is a skill you are born with and that leaders have a natural ability to make others follow them. It is true that some children have more skills naturally, but every child, with the right guidance, mindset, tools and knowledge can step up and be a leader. Time and time again, principals, teachers and parents tell us they saw a significant shift in the students attitude towards self and others as soon as they came out of the workshop or camp. For this, we are very proud.

External Visits

We provide external visits which are highly secure and beneficial to our students. The importance of taking the students out of the classroom is to absorb, interact and be immersed in history. Educational tours has several learning benefits for students to obtain practical information within the brain by having so much fun. The saying "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand," provides the backbone to the theory of retaining more information when visually experiencing activities in the chosen environment.


Leaders from history

We provide many activities to students which help them to learn about leaders in history. All the activities are equally fun and beneficial to the students. One example of activities we have history club which collects information about the leaders in history and make new posters every week and these will be attached on the notice board. Another example is our staff make animated presentations about the life of leaders in history and show the students in movie time. We provide many such activities to students.

Medical Fitness

For us, the health of our students is of primary concern. We have an excellent medical centre inside campus with medical professionals available around the clock. Monthly health checkups are held class-wise for all the students. At the time of admission, we acquire each student’s medical records (including information on any allergies) so that it will be referred whenever he / she comes to the medical centre. Emergency first-aid is provided in case of any accident and the child is rushed to a hospital if the situation worsens. We not only take care of the student's health but also advise them on hygiene and preventive care that may be needed during the years of rapid physical growth. In case the child is not feeling well, the teacher or the house parent takes them to the doctor.